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The negative impacts that tourism creates can destroy the environment and all of its resources which it depends of for survival. Tourism has the prospective to create and bring useful effects on to the environment by donation the environmental protection conservation.
One of the most essential things for tourism to be successful in a particular place is a quality of the environment both natural and man-made. However the tourism industry involves doing many activities that have a negative effect on the environment.
The uncontrolled tourism increase is threatening many natural areas around the world.with the uncontrollable levels of tourism this can put great deal of pressure on an area, andthis could end up leading to negative environmental impacts on the air and the water quality, thevegetation,the soil.the wild life and the possible job opportunities.
A very important aspect of tourism is the transport, transport consists of traveling by air, road, railway and sea. The levels of transportation have been rising at an alarming rate due to the increase in population around the world and due to the increase in traveling tourists. With the increase in the number of tourist, this comes with a consequence, as tourism is responsible for the large amount of air transmissions. These emissions, as well as those that provide the tourists with their important needs such as electricity have great and extremely harmful effects on South Africa's environment for example the wildlife, our fertile soils, the purity of the water supplies, it can even harm human lives and effect our crops. With all these important things being harmed we are risking food shortages due to chemicals effecting the crops, which over a long time can be extremely life threa...

... middle of paper ... build new hotels and attractions that will keep the increasing number of people coming and to continuously keep them interested during their stay. This means that there are more people needed fort building the hotel and then to run the hotel so many people get new, mostly permanent jobs and the number of unemployment is decreased.
Tourism's economic benefits are advertised by the industry for a sum of reasons. The idea of tourism's economic significance gives the industry a much greater respect among the business municipal, public officials, and the public in general. This often translates into decisions to tourism.
Community support is very important for the tourism industry, as tourism an activity that affects the entire community. Tourism businesses depend on each other as well as on other businesses, the government and theresidents of the local communities.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the negative impacts that tourism creates on the environment. tourism is responsible for the large amount of air transmissions, which can harm wildlife, fertile soils and crops.
  • Explains that tourists are poisoning our water and flora, and that littering is a serious problem in south africa.
  • Explains that tourism has a negative impact on vegetation, water quality, and wildlife. tourism helps with environmental protection and conservation by raising people's awareness of environmental values.
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