Tourism Stakeholders In Sustainable Tourism Essay

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“A stakeholder is anyone who participates in the project or who will be affected by the results of the project, and may include…people and groups within and outside of the organization” (Brown & Hyer, 2010, p.107-108). In the article, “Stakeholders’ Contribution in Sustainable Tourism” A. Kadi, M. Jaafar, & F. Hassan (2015) seeks to explain how tourism stakeholders affect tourism destinations and the need for collaboration between all the stakeholders. After reading the article, I found that the findings supported how the stakeholders influenced tourism and the packages offered through economic impact on tourism destinations in which Kadi, Jaafar, & Hassan attempt to make known through highlighting the issues and challenges in the tourism industry. Tourism is affected by the stakeholders with whom the destinations are established or the areas that are attempting to attract tourists. The customer stakeholder needs to seek out destinations and packages that appeal to their desires than accepting predetermined vacation packages. The stakeholder’s in the tourism industry need to work together to avoid miscommunication and enhance packages that appeal to clients requests. All the…show more content…
(2015) explains the importance of stakeholders with the tourism industry by explaining how each stakeholder influences the industry in offering new destinations, packaging destinations for new clientele, remarketing vacation destination and additional tour companies. Each industry stakeholder has their own agenda in achieving success, but the industry needs to work together in order to achieve success due to the highly competitive nature of business. Economically the industry has been expanding and developing tourism by offering a wide range of destinations and package vacations globally. The industry stakeholders are listening to the customers and offering unique and exciting destinations, thus increasing sales and opening up the tourism industry into a new
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