Global Competition: Culture and Tourism

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Compete in today’s global world makes the countries in any other parts of the world will compete to defend presence acknowledgement by the world. The development of all aspects of life makes the state in any hemisphere shows of wealth as well as his true identity as a country. A country’s resource wealth into the shield from the impact of the progress of the world, but it also can we take advantage to make our country as the world promotion. The development of the world culture as icons make important to maintain themselves in the middle of the era of competition, culture is a symbol of system and meaning in a human society which contained the norms and values of social relationship and behavior become the true identity of a country. Cultural wealth makes a humor behavior patterns are increasingly diverse, the attitude of cooperation in building a nation. the nature how a country’s or community’s view on it is an important aspect, which we refer to as the hospitality properties. The attitude of showing how the country educating people inside. The wealth cultures make a country home to place tourism as other important aspects to compete in today’s global world. Today’s global competition, demands a country to keep the true identity., culture becomes the basic aspects that must be maintained, because of the existence of culture effects how closely humans in general act, and be friendly. Cultural or often we refer to as the culture has its own uniqueness, while others interest by the culture then this could make the place tourism. Culture is the whole system of ideas, action and result of the work of human beings in the frame work of the life of the community. Culture includes everything that is reserved, and his sense of hu... ... middle of paper ... ...ield of a country to defend its position, as well as global development can enjoy without changing the identify of the country, as well as being the most important attraction for the international world. Therefore in order to compete in today’s global world which requires each country saw what was to become the most important thing, then 3 aspects of culture, tourism and hospitality of its people, can be important aspect to see or judge a country. Culture is first rate or first base a country containing historical values and norms can affect how people act to be friendly, as well as the diversity of cultures can create an interest then this can we make as the promotion so that it could be an event that could become a tourism attraction to defend a country capable of competing at that position and can be taken into account. Name : irwanto K. Rahim Works : Student

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