Cultural Festivals

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Every country in the world has its own festival and celebration. People all around the world love joining together and sharing good time through the festivals and celebrations. Festivals are great way to experience local culture. Sometime they even offer a glimpse into past. There are hundreds of festivals across the world. So are you ready to experience of fun and colorful festivals? Below are some of festivals from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Let’s start in Europe. Europeans have a lot of festivals that attract thousands. During July 6th to 14th of every year, the Spanish town of Pamplona celebrates Festival of San Fermin for a week. It is a week of riotous celebration, bullfighting and the world famous Running of the Bulls. From 5am every day, people are gathering to witness the big and exciting event. At eight during the festival week, six raging bulls are let loose and Thousands of people sprint along 800m of track in few minutes in front of them. Every year, people get injured or killed. “There have been 14 deaths and 205 serious ‘horn injuries’ between 1924 and 2006.”( World Part 36).The festival is a celebration of patron saint, San Fermin. No one is sure when the festival began, but it was documented in the 14th century when it seems the festival was held on October 10th. In 1591, the festival of San Fermin was moved to 7th of July when the weather is better for the event. La Tomatina is also a festival from Spain. On the last Wednesday of August, thousands of people from around the world crowd into the tiny town of Bunol in eastern Spain for the world’s greatest tomato fight. It’s a short lived events starts at 11am stops at 1pm. The festival is begun with a contest, after that people just start to gra... ... middle of paper ... ...cing and partying at their graveyards? That’s Mexican celebrate the Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. On the first two days in November, they stop everything for the most distinctive festival that mixes Aztec and Catholic traditions into a special time for families to come together to honor their deceased ones. November 2nd is the official national holiday for the Day of the Dead. An Aztec mid- August banquet with the ancestors was appropriated by Catholic priest to coincide with their All Saints Day to encourage the conversion of the Indians to the Catholic faith. You’ve known some of festivals around the world, so where will you decide make your next trip? The above are just some of amazing, fun and crazy festival from all around the globe. Festivals are the key to open local cultures and will give you some enjoyable and fantastic travel experiences.
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