Ethics And Values In Business Sustainability

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Question 1: Explain the importance of ethics and values in business sustainability.

What is ethics?
Ethics is the study of discipline about morals duties and the requirements of making decision about what is right and wrong in the organization. Looks at in-depth characteristics of our moral and the way we make decision, treat others in the society. Deals with the truth and law, with interest of how we behave in society, corporate behavior and carrying of social responsibility.

Business ethics
Is the applied ethics in wide spectrum it is the application of moral obligations or principled norms to the business. Ethics aim to answer essential inquiries whether the establishment can make decisions beyond their lucrative basis. Sets the standards with what kind of behavior is acceptable in the workplace. Eskom believes that ‘Integrity, Excellence, Customer Satisfaction and Innovation, but it also establishes the foundation for the interaction of Eskom’s Board of Directors and teams with colleagues, customers, suppliers, shareholders, the environment, the public and other stakeholders.’
In ensuring that quality services are delivered to their clienteles and management should lead the way in screening other departments what is the right way to behave in the workplace.
Ethics and governance
Can be defined as an application of strategic and operative management of the business, the code of ethics is used as the standard to give a extricate idea of what is prominent in the working atmosphere. The companies have to create different encryptions of ethics for diverse management levels to ensure that the governance is well conventional. Different organisation should use the guidance of the King Report. Some of the matter that need to be cove...

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...he commitment of giving the best quality to our customers, transparent and biddable with the set regulation.
 Customer satisfaction and innovation
Striving for customer quality service and assurance with user friendly products. Encouraging feedback from the customers regardless of whether its positive or negative. Always coming up with new concepts and ideas to improve our services for our customers both internal and external.

Values in Business Sustainability
Values: are lasting beliefs that influence a persons or organisation behaviour and attitudes, influences decisions.
Business sustainability goes more than environmental impact but also involves communities and the business. They area which we look at when we talk of sustainability in business. Such as the cooperate responsibility and it’s value, profitability and its link to ethics.
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