Organizations and Their Ethics and Social Responsiblity

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Ethics and social responsibility are integral components in developing a strategic plan while considering stakeholder needs. As such, ethics and social responsibility should be deemed as an essential strategic concern within all organizations. Ethics and social responsibility has the capacity to make or break an organization; the success of an organization’s strategic plan is dependent upon it. This paper will explain the role of ethics and social responsibility in developing a strategic plan while considering stakeholder needs. Lastly, this paper will elaborate as to how my ethical perspective has evolved throughout the program.

An organization needs to adhere to ethics in order to effectively implement its mission, vision, and objectives in a way in which offers a solid foundation to management and their subordinates to properly develop and implement its strategies. By doing so, the organization as a whole is essentially subscribing to one commonality that directs all of the actions of the employees of the organization. Additionally, it assists in preventing such employees from divergence in regard to the proposed strategic guideline. Ethics additionally ensures that a strategic plan is developed in accordance to the interests of the appropriate stakeholders of the organization, both internal and external (Jin & Drozdenko, 2010). Likewise, corporate governance that stems from various regulatory parties makes it necessary for organizations to maintain a high degree of ethical standards; this is done by incorporating ethics within the organization’s strategic plan so as to foster a positive corporate image for the stakeholders and general public (Min-Dong Paul, 2009).

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...rder to not only be successful, but to merely survive.

Ethical View Perspective

While going through my academic program, I have learned the importance of organizations having to integrate strategic planning in accordance with ethics and social responsibility practices; it is necessary for an organization’s survival. As such, an organization needs to implement its mission, strategy, and vision while considering the stakeholders and general public. My academic program has brought me to this realization and provided me with a means to effectively associate the implications of an organization’s ethics and social responsibility from a strategic perspective. When integrated effectively, establishing these components within the organization’s strategic plan has the capacity to largely benefit the organization's daily operations, which in turn, affect overall profit.
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