Moral Code Of Ethics In Business Ethics

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When running a business ethics plays an important role in the success of the business. “Ethics is the study of those values that relate to our moral conduct, including questions of good and evil, right and wrong, and moral responsibility” (pg. 2). Every individual will have a different set of moral codes. Moral codes are shaped by your personality, environment and religion. In this scenario and throughout this paper you will come to understand how our moral code of ethics plays a role in our daily decisions. In this scenario, Sam Trudeau the owner of a busy veterinary hospital is displaying the act utilitarianism. Act utilitarianism “argues that each person should act in a way that produces the greatest happiness for everyone” (pg. 4). This…show more content…
One of the strengths in the consequentialist approaches “claim that the morality of an action depends on its consequences” (pg. 3). By Sam justifying to keep the cash for personal use and no one was harmed nor did the consequences of not doing the paperwork correctly jeopardize the business in anyway. One of the weakness of in the consequentialist approaches “can easily be used to justify questionable actions (the end justifies the means)” (pg. 5). Sam justified keeping the money for personal use since completing the paperwork, he would just have to pay taxes on it anyways. Sam easily justified his actions due to the minimal consequences that could occur. I believe the effect on other personnel at the hospital upon an auditor discovering this situation, would have a negative ethical approach. The employees that once took their jobs very serious making the best ethical decisions, may now consider their responsibility on ethical egoism. Ethical egoism “argues that each person should act in their own self-interest” (pg. 4). The employees may view Sam’s actions as for his own self-interest making employees future unethical decisions justified. This mind frame and ethical approach could jeopardize the businesses future and

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