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The Renaissance

The Renaissance was a period of “rebirth” and started with the citizens of Florence Italy, in Europe during the 1350s. Significant events brought an end to the Middle Ages, feudal life, and led to the start of the Renaissance era. The Middle Ages finally ended with the collapse of Rome in approximately 1450 A.D. Toward the end of the Middle Ages trade spread and the Silk Roads flourished with very active traders and merchants. This trading behavior brought new ideas and goods to a growing number of people. Other events occurred that also led up to this period, such as Humanism, the plague, and the Hundred Years War. Humanism was the thought of potential for individual achievement and to “be all that you can be.” The Plague period was a time of death. The Plague was a disease in fleas that were carried everywhere by rats. The flea’s disease spread and wiped out 25% of the populations of Italy and Europe, and the church was powerless to stop it. People now had a chance to start anew, with new ideas and a fresh approach to things, including religion. The Hundred Years War created instability and caused people to argue and then become more independent in their own thought, which led to new ideas and inventions.

The Renaissance was referred to as the time of “rebirth” because it refers to the rebirth of classical art; creativity, thought and learning that took place during this time. This period is when the population grew back from the Wars and Plague and lasted from about 1350 A.D. to the mid 1600’s. People looking for a better way of life influenced Art and learning during the Renaissance. They found this by reviving classical ideas from the past and earlier civilization...

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...ence and literature. Cervantes and William Shakespeare were two very famous poets. William Shakespeare brought deep human emotion into his writing and was able to inspire many writers after him.

In the Renaissance there were many achievements in painting, sculpturing, engineering, science, and literature. People such as Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci made many advances in painting. Donatello was an influencing sculptor who made achievements in the art of sculpting. There were many new techniques in engineering and architecture such as the printing press and dome. Scientists discovered the effect of the moon on the tide and much more in astronomy and anatomy. Finally there were many achievements made in literature by Shakespeare and Cervantes during the Renaissance. The advances in the Renaissance made a huge effect on society and the world.

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