Analytical Essay on the Renaissance Art Movment

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For my analytical essay I've chosen the Renaissance art movement. I choose this movement because it played such a monumental part in European history. Basically, the Renaissance, also known as the rebirth, was a cultural movement that started an artistic transformation and started the scientific revolution. This time period also links the transition from the end of the Middle Ages to the beginning of the Modern Age. The Renaissance started in Italy in the 14th century and spread to northern Europe by the 16th century.

During the Renaissance artists changed the way they painted and sculpted, they learned how to paint in all three dimensions, which brought life and realism to their works. Also, getting away from the religious roots of art created an entirely new type of art that was rich in drama and emotion. This was also the time period when painting with oils was started.

In this paper I'm focusing mainly on Renaissance art work, since that was the assignment, but I feel it's important to also mention the other important parts of the Renaissance, architecture, science, politics and religion.

In architecture buildings were made bigger and grander than ever before, this was because of new rules were created pertaining to proportion and perspective. Temples dedicated to wealth (often disguised as something else…) popped up all over Florence and the rest of the world, because of the return of antiquity and referring back to the "classics" of the Greek and Roman past.

In science people started to question the church and its power—this may have been because the church's "indulgence" policy was so far out of line; as a result to this curiosity people started to study the natural world, discovering the secrets of the universe. Leonardo da Vinci was a huge part of the advancement in Science, with his inventions and theories. This was also the time period that Galileo discovered that the Earth revolved around the sun—much to the dismay of the church.

In politics more and more people were getting educated; being out of the churches clutches allowed more of the middle class to gain riches and education. Also, ancient works that hadn't been read for more than a thousand years were poured over, causing much debate from those who read them. The invention of the printing press allowed new ideas to be filtered through Europe at a quicker pace, allowing philosophers and writers to share their opinions with the general public.
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