Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Online Instruction

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PROS and CONS of Online Instruction Face to face instruction is one of the most popular ways of instruction with teaching scenarios within educational systems. Everyone will learn in different ways and decide what teaching method benefits them most effectively. In my perspective, I believe that face to face instruction allows myself to develop more within the subject rather than taking the course online. I will develop my thoughts on the pros and cons of face to face VS online instruction and why I believe a student develops a better understanding of the course in a classroom setting. The pros of face to face instruction are endless. I believe that a student develops more within a subject because they are forced to be there every class,…show more content…
One pro of this teaching style is that compared to a set schedule with face to face instruction, with online you create your own schedule. However, that can also be seen as a con because as a student you need to have motivation to set up when you are going to study, and complete assignments. The personal experience I had with online instruction, is a true reason why I do not believe that online instruction is the best teaching method. I took an Online Health Education class here at UWO my Freshman year. Within in this class I feel as though I learned nothing. I feel this way because I had no one telling me to read the chapters or have review questions to go over the next class period. When it came to studying for quizzes I had no motivation, since it was online you could use your book or other…show more content…
However, there is no teacher explaining personally how these assignments benefit you personally in the course. Personally I strongly believe that, online instruction is not beneficial to myself as a student. Now, that I went over both styles of teaching and the pros and cons of both. The teaching method I prefer is definitely face to face instruction. As a student, I believe you can develop so much more in a classroom setting. That is why I am excited to be close to entering my future profession as a teacher because of being able to plan daily lessons and to see students every day in school to help them throughout their courses. It is true that everyone has their own opinion of what works best for them, however, you need to look at the overall picture. How much does someone really take in when not in a classroom style setting. In a classroom, a student has someone to rely on and with online instruction all a student sees is someone on a laptop screen. A student needs face on face instruction. The ability to fully comprehend a course and understand the true concept from the material needs to be from that type of instruction. As, I have stated previously as I

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