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In every successful ancient civilization, there is always a driving force that cultures and educates their society. 4,000 years ago, the Mayans dominated the regions of South America in what is now known as Mexico, El Salvador, the Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala. The Mayans were consisted of several city-states that shared language, religion and traditions. They became wealthy by their domestication of agricultural, skilled potters, weavers, architects and painters; they were also one of the most highly developed civilization everywhere in the world when it came to their logical development especially Mathematics, medication, and astronomy. Their ways of life seem to be less aggressive and more imaginative than other large civilization of this time period. The Maya religions seem to have been made up of thirteen heavens and nine underworlds ruled by the nine lords of the nights. Apparently, there was conflict between the sky gods and those of the underworld. As we live in a different period we have learned about the Mayans throughout the years about their remarkable inventions and history they formed in many unlike ways. They stunned us how they construct cities with huge sand temples and pyramids. The Mayans buildings were decorated with imprinted friezes and top comb in mineral and stucco. With large quantity of sandstone and flint display and cement were easily formed. Maya cities were built by being divided into quarters by two avenue which cross-cut each other at accurate angle. Roofs were even and made with cedar beam overlay with mortar. The walls were plastered and decorated with great gods and other fabulous features. Their stoneware was made in a great diversity of form and bejeweled with complex scene. The Mayans als... ... middle of paper ... ...l side of America with rich soil to produce crops. These contributions are led to world history reminders thy give us an idea of how they survived and how they formed a big part of our world. How did the Mayans Empire end? Well, there’s a lot of reasons why the Mayans Empire ended, the collapse of the Maya is one of history’s excessive mysteries. One of the hugest cultures in the earliest Americas basically fell into destruction in a very small period of time. Enormous cities like Tikal were unrestricted and Maya stonemasons stopped making temples. The dates are not in doubt: decoded glyphs at several sites show a successful culture in the ninth century A.D., but the record goes weirdly silent after the last detailed date on a Maya stela, 904 A.D. There are many philosophies as to what occurred to the Maya, but little agreement between specialists.

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