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The Maya was an ancient culture that flourished on the Yucatan Peninsula in Americanism. They inherited this land from the Olmec, another ancient culture, who lived on the peninsula before them. As well as land, the Maya took on other Olmec customs, such as religion, architecture, and hieroglyphic writing. The Maya used these skills and built more complex versions, as well as inventing a few ideas on their own. These “ideas” included Calendars, Number system, trading throughout large regions, and the architecture of great temples and buildings. However, which of these achievements were the most remarkable? I believe that the Mayan number system is the most remarkable achievement. It consists of all the numbers we use today, and a very simple way of showing the place values. I will explain to you why I think this, as well as measure the achievement it three …show more content…

This means how much the achievement helped a society. The Mayan were the first to come up with the number system in the Americas. “The Mayan number system dates back to the fourth century and was approximately 1,000 years more advanced than the Europeans of that time.“says Michelle Mercer. But the eastern civilizations invented it first. However, the system put the Americanism civilizations in a better place for when the Spanish arrived, they could count. Whats even more important is they could show it in books or hieroglyphs, so archaeologists can know facts about them. For example, how many Spanish ships there were, or how many golden relics got smelted into gold bars. The Mayan calendar is pretty significant too, i mean, it's the calendar we use it today. But actually, they needed numbers to create the calendar. They would have needed numbers to keep track of the year, days, months, were to end, where to start, and where they were now.The significance of the Mayan number system is why I believe that it was their greatest

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