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It is very likely that most people have heard about the Mayan Civilization in one way or another. Whether fictitious or factual, this ancient culture iw idelt recognized. The Mayan people lived from about 250 to 900 CE in Mesoamerica. Which includes modern day Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, and parts of southern Mexico.These people had many remarkable achievements, all of which can fit under the categories of scale, genius effort, and significance. These achievements include an advanced trade system, an amazing understanding of numbers, and the ability to design and build cities that are still mostly standing today. However, their most impressive achievement is their complex calendars. A few examples of the Mayan’s achievements were their trade routes, understanding of numbers and their architecture. In the article it was said the, “ Everything was carried by hand or boat.” (Document A, Box 1) The Manyan trade routes were remarkable because they were so genius. They had …show more content…

The mark for zero was a football like shape, the icon for one was a dot, and the one for five was written as a bar. This fits under the umbrella of genius because it was a very advanced intellectual achievement for the time period. Lastly, is their achievement of architecture. Which was highly advanced. In the article it states that, “...archeologists have catalogued more than 2,500 Maya locations of varying size and date…Masonry architecture required central organization.” (Document B, Paragraph 2-3) This means that they had to be able to effectively command large forces to make such gigantic cities. Many of their ancient buildings are still standing today. This fits in the category of effort and genius. This is because it would have taken a lot of work both physically and mentally to complete these massive cities. Overall, the achievements of the Maya are extensive and most certainly

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