Egyptian Pyramids Compare And Contrast Essay

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Essay The Mayans and Egyptians have a lot of similarities and differences. The Egyptians highest peak of civilization was during the New Kingdom. The Mayans reached their highest peak in A.D 250-900. As most of us know, Egypt is located in the northeastern part of Africa while the Mayans were located in what would now be Guatemala. The mayans were best known for the cities they built and the slash-and-burn farming method they used. The egyptians were best known for building the gigantic pyramids and for the way they honored pharaohs. Both of these civilizations have had effects on the way we live today. Both of these civilizations had similar religious beliefs as well. They both believed in many gods which means that they were, polytheist. The egyptians used their pyramids to honor their gods and pharaohs, and the Mayans had flat pyramids that they worshipped their gods on. The egyptian pyramids were huge and a triangle shape. Both of these civilizations also sacrificed their gods on their specific pyramids. One thing the Mayans had that the Egyptians didn’t was a priestly caste , which is a social group that Both of them used calendars in different ways then we use them today. For example, they used them for time, like to calculate the time of day. The mayans built stronger buildings and cities then the Egyptians ever could which is amazing to me considering how the egyptians were able to build huge pyramids, but not a building. The Mayans also had to worry about floods that would flood their entire farm in an instant so they were forced to adapt and raise their crops on a higher field. They would raise each terrace four feet higher and allow fish to swim through every single channel while they dropped eggs which would fertilize the soil. I found this amazing and this made me realize how smart the mayans

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