The Decline Of The Mayan Civilization

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The Mayan civilization was located in southeastern Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. One of the first American civilizations, it lasted from about 1000 B.C.-1542 A.D. Their civilization flourished during the Sixth Century. They built many temples and over forty cities. The Mayan population consisted of almost fifteen million people who were all living in one of the many cities. The Mayan people were extremely religious and believed in multiple gods which meant they were polytheistic. Their most commonly worshiped god was the Maize God, or god of corn, as corn was the most grown and most relied on crop. The Mayans grew all of their own food so they needed to have useful farming methods. The one they used most often was the slash and burn method, which involved cutting down trees and burning them to make the soil fertil which was necessary to grow crops. This method worked for many years, but soon started to backfire. The Mayans were ahead of their time, but that did not prevent their mysterious decline which occurred between the years 800 A.D.-900 A.D. Although it is not known exactly why the powerful empire fell, but there are various probable theories. The mysterious decline of the Mayans may have been caused by …show more content…

One disease, called smallpox, spread across the empire quickly. The citizens died from smallpox and hunger wiping out the population. The civilization was in the midst of a downwards spiral. The Mayan Empire may have been ahead of its time but they did not have the medicine to treat the foreign diseases that these people were suffering from. Almost half of the people died within a year after the new diseases was brought to their lands. The people went into panic because now it was evident that their civilization was declining. As clear as it was that the civilization was falling, they still blamed these disasters on their leaders and their

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  • Explains that the mayan civilization was located in southeastern mexico on the yucatan peninsula. their civilization flourished during the sixth century.
  • Explains how the mayans used the slash and burn method to fertilize the soil to grow enough food to feed their growing population.
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