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The bombing of Pearl Harbour on the 7th of December, by the Japanese Navy, is an event that will forever be remembered for the tragic destruction it caused, not only throughout American military history, but also the history surrounding World War II. Pearl Harbour is situated on the South Coast of Oahu Island, Hawaii and is the United States of America’s Naval Base, along with the home of the U.S. Pacific Fleets. The historic result of Pearl Harbour consisted of previous issues between Japan and America, as well as military strategies, resulting in the demolition of the United States’ Naval Base and effectively brought the United States of America into the Second World War. Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbour, Japan and America’s relationship was tense, and the failure to come to an agreement about the situation in China lead to Japan aggresively planning the attack on Pearl Harbour. In the early 1930’s, Japan had many economic complications and was struggling with its ever-growing population numbers, and the need to accommodate them. Nevertheless, the United States, along with several other countries, stopped accepting Japanese immigrants into one’s own country, adding to the stress of Japan’s worries. Japan’s solution was to invade an unindustrialised China, and take over supremacy. This meant Japanese civilians could take shelter in China’s rural areas and Japan would be able to solve its economic crisis, though in 1937, the invasion lead to war between China and Japan. After the Japanese formed an alliance with Germany in 1940, France was forced by Japan, into letting Japanese soldiers into the northern part of its country, and by the next year, Japan reined the entire country of France . These aggressive actions by Japan ... ... middle of paper ... ...over 12 million men . This was a significant difference to Japan’s mere 4.3 million military force at the conclusion of World War II. The Japanese naval attack on the United States’ Pearl Harbour in 1941, to this day evokes many Americans to feel unsettling emotions towards the deaths of over two thousand innocent lives, and was the source for many Americans to support President D. Roosevelt in his declaration of war, uniting a country as one. There were more to the bombings of Pearl Harbour then the attacks itself, it included the previous tension between the United States and Japan, the strategic practice and planning of the attack, the aftermath of the attack and the effect it had on the decision for America to join World War II. All together, the bombings of Pearl Harbour by the Japanese in 1941, remains a terrible event in American and military war history.

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