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Infamy At almost eight o’clock in the morning in the island of Oahu, Hawaii the day of Infamy began. December 7th, 1941 was one of the most devastating attacks on American soil. The day of Infamy, or more commonly known as Pearl Harbor, was an attack on American soil from the Imperial Army. This attack was the final burst of the tension that had been built up between the United States and Japan. To understand the tragic attack it is important to understand the events leading up to it. The United States unrest with Japan started in 1937 through the invasion of Manchuria which began the Second Sino-Japanese War. Japan launched a full scale invasion of the Republic of China. The tension between Franklin D Roosevelt and Japan was initiated with…show more content…
Pearl Harbor was the point at which America decided to go into war. There has been many arguments on whether America would have went into war regardless to help their allies in Europe. This debate came from Franklin D. Roosevelt's inclination to want to go into war. FDR saw a need for American involvement as the Allies was slowly losing more and more ground to the Axis power. The possibility of a loss was made very evident with the fall of France to Germany. Although FDR was inclined towards helping the Allies, the American people were not aligned with this view. The American people were against going into war after their involvement in the first World War. The first World War gave Americans some common views. One of the common views of the people was that America does not need Allies because security is held up through the protection of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Their belief led to foreign affairs policy of isolationism. The policy of isolation and neutral stance in foreign affair came crashing down with the Imperial Army's attack on Pearl Harbor. The day of December 7th, 1941 is when America began its journey to the position it still holds in the world today‒ a superpower. A superpower is a country with a strong military, economy, and international political power. After the second World War, America had created the largest military force it has every had. World War II required…show more content…
One of the first thing it changed was public opinion. During post great war, the American people did not want to be involved in another war. America was in a period of isolation because they felt protected by the safety of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. The attack on Pearl Harbor got the American people roaring for retaliation. An example of this can be seen through the influx of American Citizen signing up to get involved in the military to retaliate against the Imperial army. Since America is a melting pot of nationalities and culture, there were many individuals of oriental descent living in all parts of America at the time. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, their lives were extremely changed. According to Ellie Neri, a individual that was living in Hawaii at the time, her aunt, that was of oriental descent, was taken to a prison camp by the United States. Those of Japanese descent were all taken away to Japanese internment camps. According to the United States, the camps were for the protection of the Japanese that were in the country at the time and also to reduce the chance of espionage. To avoid conflict, the Executive Order 9066 was placed. The order called for the relocation of both alien and citizen japanese residents of the United States. Those that lived in these camps did not feel like the order was for their protection. Those in the camps often argued that if the order

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