Informative Essay On Pearl Harbor

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In World War II their were a lot of battles. There were a lot of city’s bombed. How would you feel if you were in World War II ? I would be running from the Japanese and the Natiz . Also I would probably die or hide in a road gutter . The question is what would you do if you were in World War II ? The attack on pearl harbor . It was the most dramatic effect of the World War II for the UNITED STATES . The pearl harbor attack gave the Japanese the advantage of the war . They attacked out American fleet at Pearl Harbor . This made UNITED STATES very angry at Japan . Here are some facts about the Pearl Harbor attack . 18 ships were destroyed at Pearl Harbor . Around 2,400 Americans were killed . The Japanese forces were 6 carriers with 400 aircraft . Why we went into war with Germany and Japan . Because they did not Remove their troops from another countries land and our land . They also attacked UNITED STATES at pearl harbor . Also they would not remove their troops from China and Indochina . Instead of removing their troops they chosen war against UNITED STATES Of AMERIC...

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