Essay On Neglect And Neglect

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Neglect and acts of omissions include ignoring medical, emotional or physical care needs. It can also be by causing failure to provide appropriate health care and the support each service user’s needs, such as medication, the correct food for good nutrition and heating. If any of these acts are taking place they can report it to the CQC or to the local authority and complain. Examples of neglect such as abuse which is an action which is put in place and purposely intended to cause harm or distress towards someone. All the care workers have a responsibility to recognise the signs and symptoms of either abuse or neglect or acting inappropriately with a service user. Signs of abuse and neglect are unkempt appearance, unexplained weight loss,…show more content…
This is caused by someone behaving in such a way to cause a psychological trauma. They may become very vulnerable and start self-harming and putting themselves at high risk they also may express their emotions and feelings by putting their self in danger by standing on the end of a bridge or running into a path of a vehicle. They may even develop anorexia or anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Psychological abuse may occur for a large length, period of time but the problem with psychological abuse is that there Is no physical signs and may not get noticed therefore the person who is dealing with the abuse may not get the help they need urgently or quickly. Psychological abuse can be inflicted by bullying, name calling, verbal abuse or humiliation by a certain person or group, which can bring someone’s self-esteem right down. An example of emotional abuse is Opposing: The abuser will argue against anything you say, challenging your perceptions, opinions, and thoughts. The abuser doesn’t listen or volunteer thoughts or feelings, but treats you as an adversary, in effect saying “No” to everything, so a constructive conversation is impossible. Another tactic is Blocking: This is another tactic used to abort conversation. The abuser may switch topics or accuse you. Finally Discounting & Belittling: This is verbal abuse that minimizes or trivializes your feelings, thoughts, or experiences. It’s a way of saying that your feelings don’t matter or are wrong. Examples of verbal abuse are Insulting comments about a particular gender, career, religion, etc. to which the victim may belong Insulting comments about the victim’s ideas, behaviors, and/or beliefs, insulting comments about people, places or things that are dear to the victim, talking down to the victim, or treating the
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