Essay On Integrated Lesson Plan

There are many different ways that a teacher is able to put together and use a lesson plan. They are able to create the lesson plan themselves and follow the path that is set by a textbook, or they can use an integrated plan that incorporates all of the main school subjects in it. They are also able to use a teacher prepared plan that was put together for them by another teacher that has been around longer, or they are able to use a commercially purchased plan that is created by an outside company to use. Any of these plans have multiple benefits as well as some hindrances to them. One way that a teacher can help the students is by making a lesson plan based off the integrated process. Teachers that use an integrated lesson plan are…show more content…
This plan would be most likely used by a new teacher or a long-term sub to a subject. This process lets the teacher take a lesson plan that was prepared by another teacher and use it to teach a topic to the class. While this might seem like an easy path to take there are some disadvantages to using this method. “Even when teachers work with prepared materials, they still have to clarify what they want students to learn, anticipate how students are likely to respond, and adapt teaching suggestions to fit their own situation” (Dorph & Feiman-Nemser, 1997). This means that the teacher still has to work on the lesson to make sure it is something that they can teach to their classes. Like the teacher prepared method another way available is the commercially purchased lesson plans. This plan is where the teacher uses a lesson or tool that is created by an outside company and not by a teacher. This allows the teacher to use information that could have more real world examples in it for the students to understand. Like the use of other sources that are not controlled by the teacher there are downsides to using this process as well. “Developers of most current commercial programs indicate that their programs are “research-based,” but they generally mean that several instructional activities in the programs have been found to be effective” (James-Burdumy & Mansfield, 2009). This means that the information in the lessons or materials might not be accurate and can have the bias of the creator included in
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