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    THE LESSON 1 "Ah! If only I could be young again!" Most people often say this statement. People wishing they could go back to their youth and make a change. [Frag - 1] If one could become young again, would he/she really change? Or is youth a state of mind? In "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment", [,"] Nathaniel Hawthorne gives us an example of what can happen when one does become young again. The theme of this story is that morals established in one's youth remain unchanged throughout one's

  • Odysseus Lessons

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    On Odysseus journey home, he learned many lessons as on of them…he learned that he needs the help of others. His men for instance helped him fight in the Trojan War. They put together a large horse to sit and wait in, and in a building where the Trojans were celebrating, for they thought they had won the war. Once everybody was asleep, they got out of the horse, and started to attack everybody and killed everybody that was in sight. They won the war without losing any men in the group. Another

  • Lessons Learned

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    Several lessons have been learned through the beginning of the senior design project. We have learned team building lessons, including team interaction, organization and team roles, through many trial and error situations. Issues of project management also have taught me very important lessons that will help me in the real world when I must deal with administrative authority. As a team, we have never set specific roles for each team member, but rather naturally feel into our own roles. I, personally

  • DHTML Lessons

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    DHTML LESSONS Lesson 1 - Introduction What you should already know Before you continue you should have a basic understanding of the following: „X     WWW, HTML and the basics of building Web pages „X     Cascading Style Sheets „X     JavaScript If you want to study these subjects first, go to our Home Page DHTML does not exist ! DHTML is an abbreviation for the term "Dynamic HTML". But DHTML is just a buzzword. DHTML does not exist. It is not a "thing" or a standard defined by the World Wide Web

  • Lessons Learned

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    Lessons Learned “Hey hun, how did ya sleep?” my husband Max said as he gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “Fine. What time is your meeting?” I asked “The Board is meeting at noon and then I have another briefing at 2.” He took a sip of his orange juice and asked, “What do you have planned for today?” “Well... ya know it’s Lucy’s birthday, I thought I would go see her.” “Okay I gotta go, try to be home before 5. We’ll go out to dinner. Ohh and can you pick Emily up from school at 4, I

  • Lesson Learned

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    Lesson Learned There are so many events that change one’s life that it is rather difficult to try and decipher which of those events are most important. Each event changes a different aspect of your life, molding how one’s personality turns out. One of these events occurred when I was about twelve years old and I attempted to steal from a Six Flags amusement park. My reasoning for stealing wasn’t that I didn’t have the money, or even that I wanted what I stole all that badly, it was that all

  • A Lesson In Procrastination

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    back and I know, most, like myself are wishing they hadn't gone out that night when homework was calling their name or wished they had come in earlier last night when their eyes were heavy, but their friends had convinced them otherwise. This is a lesson in procrastination. Mere hours are left before our first class begins, yet the televisions are still glowing, the stereos are still blasting an incessant flow of music at obnoxious levels and people are still streaming by my open door. Girls giggle

  • lesson learned

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    “Lesson Learned” As I was standing in front of the judge many emotions proceeded to give me a nudge, my heart sank and the tears rolled down my face as if I was trying to fill a river. I knew I was going to be jailed for the bad decision that I had made when I decided to get behind the wheel of my vehicle. After my sentencing I was escorted to the booking room where they proceeded to take my fingerprints, height, and my photo. After this procedure was finished I was lead down this long gloomy

  • Lesson Evaluation Essay

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    Evaluation Overall, I feel that the objectives of the lesson was met as the children were able to sort the animals according to two different attributes and describe how they were sorted. This was achieved by asking the children questions to gauge their understanding and by scaffolding their learning as they attempted to sort the animals both individually and in small groups. The procedures of the lesson were quite clear and logical for the most part, the lesson went mostly according to plan, although some

  • Lesson in Shaw's Pygmalion

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    Lesson in Shaw's Pygmalion Writing Pygmalion in a Play format allowed Shaw to present his often-disputable views to an extended audience in a convenient, enjoyable format. By using this means to put over his message the audience is having a good night out at the theatre, as well as being taught a lesson. Society was changing at an alarming rate and Shaw wanted to make sure his audiences were pushed into thinking about issues such as imminent feminism, the class system and the importance