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Our subjectivity is heavily influenced by the amount of education that we receive. The effort that people contribute to enhancing academic excellence today is what makes learning possible and effective. Through the proper use of our academic knowledge we can construct society together. Schooling is an evident pathway toward generating social change and it is important that education is properly enforced and easily accessed by all people. Because education enables a person to grasp an understanding of his or her society, we as educated people have a crucial responsibility for contributing to social advancement.
The way that a person views society is heavily influenced by the amount of education they receive. Malcolm X brought much attention
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There lies an obvious gap between the quality of education that is received between citizens with wealth and those who lack it, which makes it quite challenging to work together on social progression. Toni Bambara does a fantastic job portraying this reality in here essay “The Lesson” through a story of a group of children from low income families and their trip to a high class toy store with Miss Moore, a highly educated woman. The kids are blind to the value of education and where it could take them in life. Throughout their acquaintance, Miss Moore reminds the children that “Where [they] are is who [they] are, but it does not necessarily have to be that way” (258). Never understanding what she is saying, the children tend to ignore Miss Moore’s remark and often become agitated with her. The children have access to a better life through education and they can become anything they desire through hard work and learning. Life in poverty must not be a permanent fixation, these poor children are unfortunately blind to what Miss Moore is trying to convey. Due to a lacking education, these children are forming subjectivity quite different from those who are highly educated. With that being said, there is an obvious separation from realities between the wealthy and the poor. Having equal access to education among different classes is vital in contributing to social advancement. In today’s…show more content…
It is important that education is properly enforced and easily accessed by all people. Poor teaching is implemented in the classroom today, such as boring lectures consisting of taking notes and regurgitating information. Because of this, people lack the motivation necessary to take advantage of their academic opportunities. In his essay “I Just Wanna Be Average,” Mike Rose writes about how during the majority of his academic career “[he] did what [he] had to do to get by, and [he] did it with half a mind” (154). Not only had Mike Rose done this, but other students follow in the same footsteps as if they are blind to how valuable education is and how it can empower a person. The type of an educator you are taught by can differentiate whether you will “do what you have to do to get by” or actually engage yourself while in the classroom. Mike Rose makes it obvious that school was not fascinating to him, but when he is introduced to a new teacher, Jack MacFarland he states that “[he] worked very hard, for MacFarland had hooked [him]; he tapped [his] old interest in reading and creating stories” (160). Professors like Jack MacFarland are what leave impacts on students and help them realize the importance of academics. Rose even states “MacFarland gave him a way to feel special by using his mind” (160). When educators can make students feel the way that MacFarland made Rose feel they can ascertain a great amount of
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