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  • Teaching

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    Teaching Culturally Responsive Teaching focuses on how to educate under achieve diverse student of color, and how our children can receive a better education. The author states,” We must insist that this empowerment stop now and set into motion, change strategies to ensure that it does.” Teachers can change the life of his/her students that are underachievers. She can find ways to show that she cares that will empower them to want to learn. They should never compare an achiever to an underachiever

  • The Importance Of Teaching Experience In Teaching

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    also I will discuss how my teaching would change based on that scenario. I will followup with two reflections on experiences I have had, one of which was as a teacher and the other as an adult student. In the above scenario, I would teach the following activities to successfully cover a unit on rhythm and musical notation without today 's resources. I would use popsicle sticks to create ta and ti-ti rhythms (quarter and eighth note rhythms), which is the Kodaly teaching method . Students would write

  • The Power of Teaching

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    Power of Teaching “To furnish the means of acquiring knowledge is...the greatest benefit that can be conferred upon mankind.”--(John Quincy Adams) I have never questioned what I wanted to be when I grow up. From the time as a small child I knew that I wanted to teach. Even at the end of many long school days, I would come home and play school with the neighborhood children. I had such a desire to help others learn and took pleasure in doing so. Still, to this present day I am teaching and

  • Teaching Strategy Of Teaching Strategies

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    the best teaching strategy guided by his objectives For successful teaching and learning, educators must choose the best strategies they can use to teach a chapter, making sure that learners will understand and learn in a process of implementing that strategy. Teaching have revolved over time from direct instruction to more creative teaching strategies. The teacher’s strategy of teaching was mainly direct instruction over years, direct instruction in South Africa is still the main teaching strategy

  • Computers and Teaching

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    Computers and Teaching Introduction: "The speed with which technology has developed since the invention of the computer has been extraordinary and surprisingly sustained. For educators, the rapid and continuing introduction of new technology into education, has outpaced the ability of teachers and developers to evaluate it properly, " says Levy, (1997:1). And he continues, that as soon as teachers have become acquainted with one kind of software and hardware and have developed some ability

  • The Journey to Teaching

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    The Journey to Teaching My philosophy on education In taking this course there is one overwhelming fact that has become clear to me- Teaching is an ongoing process in which I will be te Student,as much as I am the Educator. My philosophy on education has greatly expanded from doing all that I can to help children learn, to a string of many ideas, and thoughts, which will shape my classroom. These are what i will discuss in this reflection. Lisa Delpit and her book Other People's Children

  • Teaching in America

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    Teaching in America ABSTRACT: The term "teaching" is usually used in the Academy without a clear sense of what is meant, resulting in imprecise and ineffective teaching. The standard lines-that teaching is a matter of applying approved methods, that teaching is mostly a matter of teaching skills-as-means to some career or whatever-are reflective of failure in the Academy, measured in its "defect rate" of around 30 percent. The definition of teaching I sketch-skills adopted from a theoretical

  • Fundamentals of Teaching

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    Fundamentals of Teaching As a teacher, children are my primary focus and responsibility. While I am a teacher of history, I am more importantly a teacher of children, no matter what class I am teaching. To lose sight of the needs of children is the surest way to fail as an educator. To succeed as a teacher, I must remain focused on the students at all times. Children are surely our greatest assets. Their ability to grow is astounding – a well-taught child can make leaps that would not have

  • Teaching Morality

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    Teaching Morality In The Night is Dark and I am Far From Home, Jonathan Kozol writes that "The first goal and primary function of the U.S. public school is not to educate good people, but good citizens." (1). He implies that the public school has no function but to turn out people who will vote, pay their taxes, and follow the nations laws without protest. If this is so, and I believe that it is, should the philosophy of the public school system be changed to produce morally upright individuals

  • Teaching in the Nude

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    So there I was, standing in the locker room. There were eight four-year olds (boys and girls) the two teachers (both women, around the age of twenty five) and me. It was a Wednesday, which means it is a swim day. As everyone around me began shedding his or her clothes, I felt my heart skip a beat as I wondered where I was going to change. "Um, do I just take off my clothes and change right in front of the children?" I asked, sheepishly. "Well, unless you plan to swim in your clothes