Communication Problems Essay

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There are vast communication differences between males and females, which makes it difficult for the two sexes to maintain stable and functional relationships with each other. Areas in which these problems occur include children’s development, friendships, romantic relationships, and work environments. If these communication problems continue to persist in heterosexual relationships, our nations heterosexual divorce rates may rise well over 50% in the next few decades.
The communication problems between males and females usually begin in childhood. Deborah Tannen states in Sex, Lies, and Conversation that in children’s relationships “little girls create and maintain friendships by exchanging secrets” (424), but in the little boy’s relationships they “are based less on talking, and more on doing things together” (424). Theses communication differences in childhood help set the stage for more differences in adulthood.
In my experience as a child, not all of the children had these differences though. I personally was different from most of the other kids and I was mostly friends with just guys. The bad thing about this is that most children are not like me. If more children were more like me, then a lot of these communication problems would probably be fixed.
There are many communication problems
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When woman give feedback, they usually like to start off with the good points and then move on to the things the person needs to fix. An example of this happening in Tannen’s writing is when a woman gave a review to a male employee “She began this potentially awkward task by citing the report’s strengths and then moved to the main point: the weaknesses that needed to be remedied” (2nd article). When the man was told this he got confused, and thought that the woman mislead him to believe that everything was
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