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Alternative Health Care
There are many forms of alternate health care that help people treat their illness. Physicians don’t like to recognize these treatments as real cures, but if a treatment is helping someone that isn’t a main stream part of the medical industry you should still take advantage of it. This paper will show different types of alternate health care, what advantages they have, and why they are no reasons it shouldn’t be part of main stream medicine.
According to Webster’s dictionary alternate health care is “A variety of therapeutic or preventive health-care practices that are not typically taught or practiced in traditional medical communities and offer treatments that differ from standard medical practice. Homeopathy, herbal medicine, and acupuncture are types of alternative medicine.’’ By doctors not recognizing the effects of a certain practice or remedy the treatment is considered an alternate form of health care. Even if a treatment is proven to work but is not well known, or if a majority of doctors are not aware the treatment even excites if would be reflected as an alternate form of practice. The term alternative health care is a wide-ranging practice of healing attitudes, methods, and rehabilitations. Commonly alternate healthcare is described as treatments and health care practices are not part of normal Western health care. Western medicine is the corner stone for medicine around the world; it has changed the way the world uses medicine.

There are many forms of alternate practices that have been used by many of people for thousands of years. Alternative medicine contains a range of treatments. They can range from therapies to acupuncture. There are fout types of treatments I’m going to show you. T...

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...of the physicians, 71% of the nurses and 72% of the clerks).” Twelve percent of the staff have used or prescribed a form of alternate treatment, in the past. The studied showed that “Female physicians and female nurses showed a more positive attitude and were more frequent users of alternative medicine than their male counterparts.” Also while the Physicians only say a little potential in it such as its benefits for muscle-skeletal disorders, and migraine. The nurses and clerks say a much wider range for it use. The last thing that the majority of doctors and nurse agreed on was the fact that traditional medicine could benefit from adopting principles from alternative medicine. These doctors and nurses are people who work every day in hospitals and recognize the use of alternate health care, if they see the benefits then it show be made more available to the people.

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