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530 words

To comprehend our current health care system, it is important to understand the history and how health care has evolved in the United States. The healthcare system we have now didn't always exist. Believe it or not, before 1920, most people would not of known what health care coverage meant! So how did the United States turn into one of the few developed countries lacking nationwide healthcare? Understanding U.S. healthcare history will help you understand the dynamics that built the system that, we struggle with today. Furthermore, I will make conclusions on the current problems we are facing. Nearly every American can agree that our current health care system needs reforms. Primarily do to the fact that 45.7 million Americans are without health insurance. That's approximately 16 percent of Americans who sometimes have to do without healthcare, or face crucial financial responsibility. The main issues are admission to healthcare, and the affordability of health care. Before 1920, doctors didn't know enough about diseases to really provide useful care to sick people. Therefore the...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that understanding the history of the united states' health care system will help them understand the dynamics that built the system that, we struggle with today.
  • Opines that our current health care system needs reforms due to the fact that 45.7 million americans are without health insurance.
  • Explains how baylor hospital in dallas created a system, which eventually became blue cross, to help people pay for american's hospital bills. as science, medicine, and hospitals grew more sophisticated, more people turned to hospitals and doctors for care.
  • Explains that the triumph of the blue cross and blue shield model encouraged other insurers to enter the healthcare market. the lack of labor during world war ii encouraged employers to offer health insurance as an added fringe benefit to the employment package.
  • Opines that the cost of medical services and increased usage by americans in the recent decades has been the problem.
  • Concludes that health care has been a problem for decades, and even with reforms, continues to be growing problem. the idea that everyone can have healthcare, is an unachievable goal.
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