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Someone Different Than I Am Katie Bucko Introduction For my "Someone Different Than I Am" paper, I chose to interview a co-worker of mine, Bret Webster. Bret is a gay man living in Erie County, and I wanted to know how our community treats those of different sexualities than their own. In simple terms, being gay means that you are sexually attracted to members of your own sex and that you identify with other gay people or the gay community. Sexuality is a term used to describe a whole range of feelings, desires and actions relating to sex. From working with Bret I know that he is a hard-working, super funny, amazing friend of mine, but I was curious to find out if he had ever been faced with any sort of hardship, due to his sexual preference, at school, work, or in relationships with friends and/or family members. I never looked at Bret as “my gay friend,” because to me, that never really mattered, so I guess because of that him and I have never really discussed what it is like for him to be gay. Before I conducted my interview I thought about what Bret could have gone through because of his sexuality. I feel like it would be hard because to some, gays and lesbians are seen as a minority, making them a target for crude humor and maybe even violence. Identify Information Twenty-two year old Bret was born in Conneaut Ohio on September 9th. He attended Conneaut High School and has worked at several different places, including Wal-Mart, a nursing home, a hotel, and he is currently employed at a casino, working as a cashier. Bret's mother and father divorced when he was just a baby, and he has three younger half siblings; two brothers, both named Tyler, and a sister named Paige. Growing up, he attended church and co... ... middle of paper ... ...ttracted to other men. I feel that if that is what makes him happy, then that is exactly what he should do! It just does not matter to me, and if I let things like that become an issue, I would be missing out on such a great friendship. So just because Bret and I have different sexual orientations, it does not mean we are any different based on that alone. I also found it so interesting that Bret was so “I do not feel any different than the straight kid sitting next to me.” It is very cool that our society is changing and becoming much more accepting of those who chose to live outside the “normal” ways of living. I really enjoyed interviewing Bret and getting to know him. He is definitely an amazing man, who enjoys having a good time and is proud of his sexual orientation, because why should it be any different? You should be able to love who you wish to love.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how bret felt better after he finally opened up about his sexual orientation. he says that people will admire him for his strength and joy, but you must find joy in knowing that you are proud to be gay.
  • Analyzes how bret doesn't feel as if he's part of a minority. he thinks that more people accept him because of his homosexuality.
  • Opines that bret is an amazing guy who enjoys having a good time and is proud of his sexual orientation.
  • Explains that they interviewed bret webster, a gay man living in erie county, and wanted to know how our community treats those of different sexualities.
  • Explains that bret's mother and father divorced when he was a baby, and his family is laid back and nonjudgmental.
  • Explains that bret believes that most gays look back on this time in their lives with regret and sometimes great sadness. there are few positive gay role models and a lot of hostility towards openly gay people.
  • Explains bret's struggles as he tried to acknowledge his homosexuality. he never had any girlfriends, and was never interested in it.
  • Opines that treating others the way they expect others to treat them is one of the "golden rules", but there are many people who choose not to follow it.
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