Homosexuality And LGBT Culture In The LGBT Community

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The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community has been disapproved by many since it first came about in the 1950s. Since then, the societal attitude towards homosexuality and LGBT culture has changed greatly, as much of the world has become more accepting of same-sex sexuality as it has become more common. Studies have also shown that the younger generation are more tolerant towards LGBT views. The LGBT community consists of many beliefs and values that make the community different and intriguing. One of the main beliefs that the LGBT community hold close is the belief that love is love and that all is natural and accepted. They also believe that everyone should have the freedom of being themselves and people should be accepting of one another regardless of sexual preferences or gender. Many who say that homosexuality conflicts with their religious beliefs think that the LGBT community is that way due to the lack of religious teachings among its members. However, studies have shown that 51% of LGBT Americans do have a religion and 17% of them say that religion is very important to them. So the claim that homosexuality happens due to lack of religious teachings cannot be accurate. The LGBT culture varies widely by geographical location and identity of the participants. Although widely spread, not all LGBT people identify with LGBT culture due to geographic distance and some of them are even oblivious to the subculture’s existence. The LGBT culture is divided into a few, namely homosexuality, lesbian culture, bisexual culture and transgender culture. “Homosexuality” was the main term used in the late 1950s until a new “gay” culture came about. This new gay culture not only meant same-sex desires but also gay selves an... ... middle of paper ... ...f gay pride since gay men were forced to wear it in the Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust. Furthermore, the Double Women’s Symbol is used to represent women loving women and the Double Man’s Symbol is to represent men loving men. Some examples of terms that are used by the LGBT community are ‘coming out’, which means the process of acknowledging homosexual orientation to oneself and then unveiling it to others. A ‘crossdresser’ is someone who dresses up in clothes associated with the opposite gender for their own pleasure. ‘Ally’ is a term used by the LGBT community for a non-LGBT participant who supports and respects sexual and gender diversity and is willing to further understand these forms of bias. Last but not least, ‘third gender’ is a category for those who do not self-identify with any gender and believe that they belong to an alternative gender.

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