Essay About Homosexuality

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Jayla Bullock
Ms. Truly
English IV
11 April 2014
Homosexuals rapidly conforming to the norm
Choosing a sexual preference is considered one of the biggest decisions of one’s life. Among the human race, heterosexuality (the attraction to persons of the opposite sex) is considered normal. However, over the years, homosexuality (the attraction to persons of the same sex) has become more common. The origin of homosexuality dates back as far as the 5th century B.C. Homosexuality became very popular in ancient Greece. The Greeks approved of same-sex relationships. When homosexuality first became popular though, the relationships were rarely sexual. Most relationships were usually between older men and younger boys. These relationships were more of courtship rituals than anything. In other parts of the world though, homosexuality was kept a secret among couples for many years. Unbelievably, it is still hidden today. It is kept a secret because in society, homosexuality is not considered normal. Therefore, to avoid being judged, ridiculed and belittled, homosexuality is conducted in secrecy. Over the years however, homosexuals have grown tired of not being able to do what they believe in, when and where they pleased. Many homosexuals began to fight for their rights to do as they pleased. What non-supporters of homosexuality thought or said about homosexuals no longer affected the homosexual community. Although many people still disagree with homosexuality, our society today has begun to accept homosexuals as a norm.
The homosexual community faced, and still faces many hardships. Homosexuals are constantly being judged based on their feelings and beliefs. Many homosexuals and supporters believe this is not fair, especially the ones in Ame...

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...approve of this because they are afraid that children will learn to be homosexual. If a child is raised in this environment, it will more than likely assimilate into the homosexual lifestyle. Non-supporters fear that homosexuality is bound to shape the world Non-supporters are attempting to break the cycle.
Although non-supporters are doing everything in their power to make homosexuality cease, the homosexual population of the world is constantly on the rise. Homosexuals are constantly fighting for and receiving rights. Acceptance of homosexuality is becoming more and more abundant. Homosexuals are striving to be accepted by society every day. With gay victimhood ending, gay marriage becoming legal, and options for raising children in a gay household becoming available, they are surely achieving this goal. Therefore, homosexuals are quickly conforming to the norm.
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