Enterprise Risk Management: A Case Study: Gallaudet University

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Gallaudet University is a federally private university and only designed the university for the education of the Deaf and hard of hearing located in the capital of the United State of America, Washington, DC. Gallaudet University is a liberal education. Gallaudet University is an officially bilingual with American sign language and English for the education to ensures the intellectual and professional advancement. They welcome international students to study in their preference majors. Gallaudet University offers an English Language Institute provides a second language program for American and including international deaf and hard of hearing students if they need to improve their English skills or don’t have a high school diploma. Gallaudet…show more content…
Gallaudet University is the essential precious institution for the education of deaf and hard of hearing students and make sure those students feel safe on the campus with 24 hours a seven days. Enterprise risk management helps me to able to identify all risks to make the better implementing process to key areas of prosperity and survival. Enterprise risk management have the better structure, reporting and analysis of risks that improve the focus of Gallaudet University’s administrative staffs by provide data including risk indicators, mitigation strategies and new and emerging risks that help them develop a better understanding of risk appetite, risk thresholds, and risk tolerances and allow better making decision concerning risk at all levels. Enterprise risk management helps Gallaudet University’s management recognize and associations by collecting and sharing all community about risk date and evaluate them in a consolidated format while traditional risk practices on qualification, avoidance or…show more content…
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