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The risk management process needs to be flexible. Given that, we operate in the challenging environment, the companies require the meaning for managing risk as well as continuous improvement in identifying new risks that will evolve and make allowances for those risks that are no longer existing. Ongoing continuous improvement This is an effective practice to ensure continuous improvement for the companies with mature risk management environment are those who have invested resources over time and are well able to demonstrate. Question 3 Identify the elements and explain the “Risk Management Framework” in AS/NZ ISO 31000:2009. Risk management structure/framework is a series of elements and components which provide the platform, organisational…show more content…
These risks will have material effect on the organisation 's ability to sustain its business and operational goals and objectives. Project and program risk These are the specific risks involved to a particular project or program. The organisations continuously undertakes specific projects, which should be managed with consistency with the legal obligations to be kept in mind. There are significant program management methodology which spell out the requirement and clear risk management approach within the project environment and align by the whole of the AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk management – Principles and guidelines. Inter-Company risk Inter -company risk is a risk that relates to many companies and may oblige treatment by multiple organisations to be effective. As the Queensland public sector commences on a lot of major reform initiatives, intercompany risk management will definitely have a high level of…show more content…
As I am working with star bucks, I would like to describe legislative and regulatory requirements with regard to risk management: the legislative requirements are intended to encourage better practice and stand by accountable officers in the implementation of efficient risk management practices at every level within the organisation. A candidly of risk occurs in every organisation. Governance principals and the occupational health and safety urge that the organisations take reasonable measures to hinder loss, charge or rage to the organisational and all stakeholders/management. Injury and accidents can even happen ultimately with stringent OHS and the fact that an accident when occurs, does not mean that someone is liable if all responsible steps for prevention or minimisation has been taken. When talking about my own work place, generally the risk issues rise due to the following: Risk arise when we do not have a good functioning management

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