Risk Taking Case Study

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Specific Risk Taking and Five Factor Model Personality Traits Risk taking has been a topic of great importance because it plays a role in determining how people view themselves and their lives. Researchers have concentrated on how different types of risk taking such as health risk or recreational risk can be strongly correlated with specific behavior such as the Five Factor Model personality traits. The concept of risk taking tendency has significant connections for the theoretical modeling of risk behavior, which will provide efficient insight behind individuals reasoning for risky behaviors (Nicholson, Soane, Fenton- O’Creevy, & Willman, 2005). The purpose of Nicholson study (2005) was to develop a practical and valid measurement of risk propensity. The study defined risk propensity as the tendency for an individual to either take or avoid risk (Stikin and Pablo). The study participants were n=2700 students from executive graduate programs such as those pursuing a masters in business. The participants were given the Risk Taking Index, a scale with a series of questions that inquired about their past and current risk behavior. The…show more content…
It also showed slight significance in prediction to health risk, r=.401, p< .01; impulsiveness was negatively correlated with health risk, r=-.343, p< .01 and a slight significance in social and career risk. Health risk, r=-.007, p< .01 was also negatively correlated with openness. The results did not indicate any major predictions towards the six risk domains for extraverted; however, there was a positive correlation in social risk taking with, r= .373, p< .01 with the extraversion personality trait. The results also confirmed the hypothesis that conscientiousness is negatively correlates with safety risk, r=-.101, p< .01. Neuroticism showed no prediction in any of the six risk
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