American Sign Language Essay

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Visual language as such as sign language is the concept of gesture, body language, facial expression, and movement. Sign languages had many different languages in the world; for example, Mexican Sign Language, Japanese Sign Language, Chinese Sign Language, langue des signes Francaise, American sign language, etc. In the present day, million Deaf Americans use American Sign Language to use communicate each other as a visual language in anywhere includes America, Canada, and some countries. It is not audio language, but it is an official languages recognized since 1988 by the government due issue of Deaf President Now for protest by Gallaudet students and Deaf people at capitol hill and Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. American Sign Language…show more content…
He grew up with his family as strong culture of speech therapy because his father and grandfather were involved for speech therapy with him that they encouraged them to become public speaker and Deaf Educator. His father invented of visible speech what he was development of alphabet and symbols to understand of different mouth movements as concept of reading-lip. In 1870, his family moved out to Canada from England, then one year later, moved out to Boston from Canada. He still motivates for Deaf educator. He taught them for signs, the alphabet, and speech in success of teaching method for deaf educator in Boston School for the Deaf. He has public speakers in large audiences, and then somehow he noticed three Deaf women what they attractive him. Also, they are different degree of hearing level. They have different background as speech, sign language skills, and experiences. Bell attracted on last young Deaf woman. Alexander discovered for new invent of telephone in 1874, because he tried to make new hearing aids to help Deaf people able to hear by noise and sound even help them to development of speech. It was successful for developed of his invention of the telephone. In 1874, Bell tested to called his assistant, Thomas Watson and said: “Watson I want to come here.” (Nicken, 133 pp.) After first invention, he had another inventions of technology is photo-phone. Bell attracted and fell love with his deaf student mentioned is Mabel Hubbard. She was illness to become Deaf cause by scarlet fever in five years old. She never learn sign language as manual communication, also, she uses speech and lipreading as well. That how she affect to change Bell’s mind to lead of against of sign language and Deaf’s marriage. He decided to studied for science in eugenic what he wants to help Deaf people become able to hearing and speaking to other people as hearing people consider of “normalization.”
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