Reflection On Project Risk Management

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This paper will reflect on the different uses of Project Risk Management and ways in which it can benefit organizations to have the ability to identify potential problems prior to the problem occurring. Risk, this is not something to be taken lightly whilst dealing with matters that include high end projects meeting specific details, deadlines and expectations for the end client. Project management' class='brand-secondary'>risk management teaches one to be aggressive early on in the phases of planning and implementing the tools for a project. This is usually easier as costs are less and the turnaround time to solve the issues at that present moment is beneficial rather than later. The result in a successful project for one’s self and other key people involved in the process is also another requirement. Stakeholder satisfaction is important because the…show more content…
Some include risks at the enterprise level, managing risks in complex projects and dealing with turnarounds and large capital projects. Liu, Zou, & Gong (2013) explore how enterprise risk management (ERM) may influence the ability and performance of project management risk (PRM) by considering the features of the construction industry, its businesses and projects. Managing risks within projects such as these has become an important process to achieve project objectives in terms of the scope, time and cost. The results show that enterprise risk management can positively influence the implementation of project risk management. This can be achieved through implementing a risk focused culture, setting up risk management departments and setting up risk procedures. This will help control the project risk and improve the performance of project risk management. Communicating the concerns with other team members can help identify the risks earlier on rather than later in the development of the project. If the Stakeholders and managers involved are satisfied then the project outline becomes a
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