The History of the Gallaudet School for the Deaf

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The Gallaudet School of the Deaf is a University in Washington D.C. The school was first intended for the deaf and the blind. Mason Cogswell had a daughter, Alice, who was deaf. He, like any father, was worried about her education since she could not learn like normal children. Cogswell found out that in England Thomas Braidwood had started a deaf school, so he sent the most trusted person he knew to investigate the school. He convinced his neighbor and member of his intellectual circle, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, to go to England and check it out. Thomas Gallaudet was a known genius. He was a reverend who started Yale University at fourteen. Three years later, at age seventeen, he graduated first in his class. Gallaudet was pleased with his findings and came back with a companion the two started the first school for the deaf, the American School for the Deaf. Alice was the first student and the school still educates today.
The Gallaudet University was founded in 1864 when Amos Kendall donated two acres in Washington D.C. for deaf and blind students seeking aide. He became involved in the children's lives and convinced the government to let them be his wards. He received aide from the government and started the Columbia Institute for the Instruction for the Deaf and Dumb. Kendall appointed Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet's son, Edward Miner Gallaudet, as superintendent. In the twentieth century, the university shifted more towards the technical fields of study, but Percival Hall, the second president of the school, changed the curriculum again to a more liberal field. In 1954, an act of congress the Columbia Institute for the Instruction for the Deaf and Dumb was changed to the Gallaudet University. In 1970, Gallaudet was bein...

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...ays of getting out of his punishment including insanity, which was professionally proven not the case, and that someone with black gloves signed for him to do what he did. Which was also proven wrong. Mesa was charged with charged with two counts of felony murder, one while armed, along with some robbery and burglary charges. He went to jail for the rest of his life without parole.
Even though the school has been through tough situations, Gallaudet University is still standing strong. Deaf people dream about going to school there and are honored to have a way for them to get a good education even though they have a disability. Many students go on to have good jobs, and they change the deaf community. They inspire younger deaf people, and prove to the world that even though they cannot normal people they can still make a difference. Normal is overrated, anyways.

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