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Shakespeare portrays how his ideal king is defined as an ultimate hero in the historic play, Henry V. This play helps everyone in the Elizabethan time period understand the reality of being a ruler. During this summary of the Elizabethan time period and Henry V, I will be talking about Queen Elizabeth and how she affected the time period all together including social class and the Hundred Years War. The Globe also played a major role in the Elizabethan era. It hosted many different types of plays with many different audiences. Henry the V is a major part in this time period because it shows just how people lived in the royal family. It makes people wonder how someone could go through this all without going insane. That is why the Elizabethan era is one of the greatest of all time. During the Elizabethan era many events occurred. One of these events was the Hundred Years War. This war lasted from 1337 until 1453(Lambirth). This was a major part of history for both England and France. The war started in May 1337 when King Philip VI of France attempted to confiscate the English territories in the duchy of Aquitaine (Lambirth). Henry V had to step up to the throne when his father passed. Henry wasn’t sure about this whole situation but he accepted what he had to do and got right to it without hesitating. Social class was also a major role in this time period. Most people were on the lower end of society. They didn’t have much money or food. They were mainly peasants who worked for other people in order to feed their families(Poole). Theatre also played a part in social class. When people attended theater, it was mainly wealthier people who could afford to go but everyone was welcomed inside the Globe. They dressed nice and always had... ... middle of paper ... ...“personality.” This play was one of the greatest historic plays of all times. Everyone wanted to come see this play because of how realistic it was. They loved how Shakespeare included a real life aspect of the play. Another positive was how educational it was. Audiences loved when plays had a point other than entertainment. A lot of things influenced the play from Queen Elizabeth and how she impacted theater with her wise ways, to basic social class and how mostly anyone could attend. Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere of the Globe. They liked how “natural” it felt. They loved how they could enjoy a play in the direct sun and warmth. This made audiences feel at home when they watched plays inside the globe. Specifically Henry V because of how realistic this play was. That is why the Elizabethan Era and Henry V were one of the greatest theatrical events of all time.

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