Queen Elizabeth I's Influence on Shakespeare's Female Roles

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Queen Elizabeth l’s Influence on Shakespeare’s Female Roles Queen Elizabeth I, also known as the “Iron Queen”, was a remarkable woman of her time, she ruled with great power and longevity. She was one of the greatest feminist of time. Coming to the throne in 1558, she took the place of her father, Henry VIII. She was given one of the most difficult jobs fit for a man or King, ruling England. At the time women were second class citizens, they could not vote nor own properties and such. Surprising England with her intelligence and fierce rulings, she changed herself to make better decisions. She proved through her rulings, to everyone that females were strong and could rule just as well as a king. She refused to marry, giving a feeling of “I don’t need a man for anything.” The Queen was responsible for giving females a voice in literature and it is shown through Shakespeare’s writings. Queen Elizabeth I ruled for much of Shakespeare’s life in England and therefore had a great impact on his work. She had a big role in the social arts and culture. Affecting many peoples’ lives in England; she especially affected those in the arts. She supported artists in their work in many different ways. Shakespeare and his theatre being one of the artists she supported. The Queen would come to the theatres to enjoy a show, and whether or not she enjoyed it would be the result of the popularity and success of that play. Shakespeare made a living out of his play writings; the Queen would come and spend many pounds to see a play. This being the reason why Shakespeare would create characters appealing to his Queen. The Queen being strong, smart and noble, Shakespeare would create characters like this, for example Juliet from Romeo and Jul... ... middle of paper ... ...These characters all show traits of wittiness, determination and strength. The traits Queen Elizabeth expressed as she ruled England, a single woman taking on a man’s job. Shakespeare included these characters in his play because he knew the Queen would enjoy seeing characters that portrayed her; it showed a sign a respect towards her. The Queen supported the theatre and Shakespeare in his work. Shakespeare thanks her by giving her females characters leads in his play with characteristics of her reflected in them. Queen Elizabeth ruled throughout Shakespeare’s life so it would influence him in his writings. She showed him through her rulings that she was a feminist. She did whatever it took to get what she wanted and to rule her country, she showed fierceness and compassion. Shakespeare took these characteristics and portrayed them in his female characters.
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