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During the sixteenth century, the Globe Theater was a magnificent structure that housed the most famous plays. For a writer to have his work performed at the Globe was considered an incredible accomplishment. Shakespeare’s originality set him apart from others during his time and led him to the Globe Theater, where he came upon a tremendous amount of success. As with the rest of England, the Globe Theater flourished during the Elizabethan era, also known as the “Golden Age” representing ideals such as prestige, fame, and achievement. From this time period, notable politicians, orators, tacticians, and musicians evolved into more prominent figures of society. William Shakespeare has influenced the literary world today, although he lived many centuries ago. Much of Shakespeare’s life is unknown, but he developed his success in London, England where he became an actor and playwright. Through the Globe Theater Shakespeare was able to show some of his greatest works and make himself a household name. (William Shakespeare 1).
In April of 1564 in an area of England known as Stratford upon Avon, William Shakespeare was born. Although his work can be found around the world and in various languages, Shakespeare’s personal life remains a mystery. What is understood about Shakespeare’s personal life can be found in his plays, poems, and publicly recorded information.(William Shakespeare 1). Although there is no birth record of Shakespeare it can be estimated that he was born on April 23, 1564 and he was baptized at Holy Trinity Church in Stratford upon Avon April 26, 1564. Shakespeare was born into a prominent family his father, John was a Glover and merchant, and his mother Mary inherited a lot of wealth (Shakespeare, William 1). William gr...

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...rity. The Puritans believed that playhouses were evil and sinful. The Globe was taken down and was turned into housing, it was an ending of an era (Cook 1).
Although the Globe Theater has since burned down and is gone, her legacy remains. The beauty and grandeur vanished. The intricate work valiant effort put into it to build it unseeable. The feeling one would undergo upon walking through the doors, ready to experience a show now unattainable. However the name “The Globe Theater” holds the same glory it held back it’s greatest days. People know of the Globe because of the incredible works performed there and for it’ ability to provide people with an escape from their daily lives and become enamored by a world unlike their own. Shakespeare took advantage of the Globe and found great success. Both Shakespeare and the Globe have legacy’s that remain strong to this day.
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