Educational Philosophy

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Educational Philosophy

Teachers have the role of shaping students for tomorrow. They help them academically, personally, and socially. I cannot think of any other career that would be as rewarding as teaching. A teacher has the opportunity everyday to change a student’s life. One of the reasons I want to become an educator is because I want to have a positive influence on a student’s life. I think in today’s society it’s crucial for students to feel like they have a positive role model. I have seen what a large impact teachers have made on their student’s lives. That has made me to want to strive and do the same. Another reason for choosing this profession is that I simply love working with children. I do not think that there is any greater moment that when a student catches on to what you are teaching them. This makes the student feel better and it makes you feel like you have succeeded at your job. The final reason I want to become a teacher is that I feel that I have many great ideas, and I would love to communicate these ideas to my students.

My classroom will be a very open and bright environment. I think it is crucial to have light colored walls in the classroom. This way the classroom looks very spacious. I also think it helps when a classroom has windows to allow plenty of sunlight to enter into the room. My walls will be covered with bright posters of inspirational sayings. I will also have bulletin boards to display the students’ work and art projects. I think this will be effective because it shows that the teacher really cares about her students and admires the effort they put into their work. I really want my classroom to be a very comfortable setting, but yet I want it ...

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..., and leadership are derived from the many different philosophies.

I see my role as an educator as one of great importance. I think my primary goal is to teach the students and help them learn. I also think it is my responsibility, though, to help the students with their own personal problems in anyway that I can. I want to help students with their self-esteem early in life so they can continue to work on it as they get older. I will also strive to help each student work harder. I want to be able to see continuous improvement in my students over the entire year. I want my students to feel like they can come and talk to me regardless of their problem. I want them to know that I will try my best to help them through anything that I can. I will take pride in my role as an educator and in helping students. After all, these students are our future.