Creating A Positive Classroom Learning Environment

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Creating a positive classroom learning environment entails helping students understand that they are valued. Teachers can communicate value by being caring and accepting. One way for teachers to communicate their caring is by making eye contact and smiling at students while teaching. Throughout this learning segment you will notice that I scan my group of students and make eye contact with them. I also smile and laugh with my students so that they know that I am enjoying teaching them. At minute 2:21, a student makes a prediction about a story, when she makes her prediction I am excited and smiling and acknowledge that I appreciated her sharing. Another way that I show mutual respect for my students is allowing them to have time to think and share without being interrupted by peers. When I call on the student, I used her name and when other students try to speak over her, I reiterate that only students who have her name are speaking. This allows the student who is speaking to understand that I have mutual respect for her thoughts and that our classmates will also respect her th...
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