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  • Rewarding Mediocrity

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    make them unhappy. As such, teachers are encouraged—both by the administration and by complaining parents—to keep students happy, in essence rewarding mediocrity. Now that we have the cause behind this problem, it is time to look at the possible ramifications thereof. The first, and perhaps most obvious, way in which society is harmed by the rewarding of mediocrity stems from the resulting encouragement of mediocrity. As a recent high school graduate, I can firmly attest to the fact that high

  • Not Easy but Rewarding: Entrepreneurship

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    outside of where the business is located. Having a good connection with the suppliers and other business could possible provide you with perks that will set one business apart from others. In conclusion, the advantages of being an entrepreneur is rewarding granted one has an incoming cash flow, freedom and flexibility, and the potential networking opportunities. All the points listed show that if you have the drive and integrity than the entrepreneurial life is for you and you can possibly become

  • Teaching - A Rewarding Profession

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    Teaching - A Rewarding Profession Being the first to attend college in my family, it was hard to decide what field I wanted to go into. There were so many choices. In making such a large lifelong decision, I decided to follow my heart. I thought back to when I was in high school at Narrows. I had a wonderful experience there. I also had some great, inspiring teachers. One teacher sticks out clearly to me. It was my AP Biology class my senior year. The teacher expected so

  • The Rewarding Career of a Veterinarian

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    Many people have lost their pets and close family members because there is no way to get the help or medical attention that the animal so desperately needed. Every day in the United States, veterinarians are working hard to save animal’s lives. People will always continue to want and to breed pets. Therefore, to help and cure all these pets, a steady stream of veterinarians will be needed for many years to come. Over the years, the requirements and processes to becoming a veterinarian have changed

  • The Rewarding Career of Photography

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    Photography is a rewarding career that allows for creativity and it has a broad history involving many different types of cameras that enable the world to be remembered and seen through many viewpoints. It is the process or art of producing images or objects on sensitized surfaces by the chemical action of light. The first camera came out in 1888 and the first photographer was Joseph Niepce Who was a inventor (Tolmachev). The first camera was invented in the 1500’s, it was called the obscura

  • Essay On Rewarding For Beauty

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    Andryanna Sheppard Moffatt BIOL 330: Human Sexuality 9 April 2014 Rewarding for Beauty There is no surprise that people who are considered to be generally and overall more attractive, pretty, beautiful or just plain hot get better treatment or opportunities than those who are less attractive, pretty, handsome, hot, etc. in comparison. Although there is the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” humans tend to subconsciously reward these people for their amazing facial features. Not only

  • The Call to a Rewarding Service

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    The Call to a Rewarding Service Believers in Christ are the most fortunate people in the world. The reasons for this are very numerous. Our calling is a blessed call, our calling is without regret – you cannot regret you wholeheartedly followed Jesus, our calling is a call of holiness, our calling is a call to come out of uncertainty to certainty, our calling is a call out from the world to the Lord and our Creator, our calling is a call out of death to life – this life is quantitative and qualitative

  • A Rewarding Career in Nursing

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    A Rewarding Career Nursing is a promising career that offers many rewards to caring individuals. It is more than just a job that one attends day to day. Nursing is a career that kind people get in to because they are passionate about life and everything is has to offer. They care for people they have never met before in such a way that makes the patient feel comfortable and able to relax. In a way that makes it possible for the patient to recover from whatever they have encountered. If I am going

  • The Transition Into Motherhood Is Rewarding

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    way to Neverland with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, sort of speak. I never realized how becoming a mother could change my life until I became one. I have learned numerous lessons and made major changes to myself, the transition into motherhood is rewarding yet different for everyone; although not everyone desires to become a mother. The comparison between pre-motherhood, during the pregnancy, and post-motherhood each is completely different, yet they all affect the child in the end. Children are an

  • Is Rewarding Scholastic Achievement Effective?

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    Rewarding scholastic achievement in grade school is a relatively new practice, and one that has come under much scrutiny as it grows more popular. In the short term, offering a student a reward for the completion of a scholastic task is likely to successfully make him pay attention to at least this particular assignment. However, injecting this model into a developing mind is potentially dangerous to some children's social development, and may well haunt them later in life. Debate about extrinsically