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Does sex really sell?

Sexuality is considered to be one of the most powerful tools in advertising, it as been around for the last two decades. It has been proven that more people will look at an ad longer if it has some type of erotic behavior in the ad. There has always been this age old question. That age old question, is does sex sell. The answer to that question is it depends on the situation the and the customer and what relationship the customer may have already developed from the product. There are some cases where sex actually does the opposite of its purpose, will actually turn customers away from your product. In other instances the customer will love the product and selling it using sex was a good idea. Then the final consumer will be the consumer that gets so caught up in the image or commercial of the hot girl or guy and they don't remember what the product was. When you do your commercial you need to watch and make sure that sex is the best way to sell your commercial before you waste your time and money it.

The first things I want to talk about are the two levels, in views of women mostly, of beauty. The two categories according to one article, by Jeanna Bryner, are wholesome beauty and sexy-sensual. The two examples they give are Katie Holmes is wholesome pretty and Victoria's Secret models are sexy-sensual. The interesting thing about this is women put other women in these two categories themselves. Originally there were 6 photos of 6 different famous women or models and they are supposed to select from a category of how you sexually view the person in the photo. The list of options had categories you pick from with descriptions like sex kitten and classic feminine. The research done for this magazine shows an important piece of information with its test. Women don't longer desire to look like the sexy models that they see in magazines and on TV. Women are actually turned away by many ads that have sexy women in them. It was almost the sexier the woman the less the women liked the ad. It seems now that most women want to have wholesome beauty like Katie Holmes.
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