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  • Erotic Exploration

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    gender as well as express their love to one another publicly. We know have the freedom to explore our carnal desires freely, inclusively in the military. Humans need for sexual affection has gone to such extremes in needing animals to fulfill their erotic desires. In the remote past, there is evidence showing humans engaging in sexual activities with large creatures as well as Greek urns, showing men having intercourse with creatures, but also women engaging erotically with donkeys. Mainly women seek

  • Analysis: The Erotic Individualistic

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    The Erotic Individualized The Erotic is one thing that is always on all living human minds just like eating is when one is hungry or sleeping when one is tired. There are beliefs that some people agree with and some that don’t for example; men and women may not have the same opinion on how the erotic affects both of their genders. Many men believe that it makes them sit in a more powerful position, a position where women need them to fill this erotic feeling. Although, women needing men for such

  • The Erotic in Joyce's A Painful Case

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    The Erotic in Joyce's A Painful Case       The characters whom inhabit Joyce's world in "Dubliners," often have, as Harvard Literature Professor Fischer stated in lecture, a "limited way" of thinking about and understanding themselves and the world around them. Such "determinism," however, operates not on a broad cultural scale, but works in smaller, more local, more interior and more idiosyncratic ways. That is, the forces which govern Joyce's characters are not necessarily cultural

  • The Erotics of the Technological Body

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    sexual desire and invested of techno-erotic impulses. Engines and machines have been described through sexual metaphors and have been made an object of cult by artistic movements such as Italian Futurism. The passage from the industrial to the digital age has modified our relationship to technology and the awareness of our body through the use of technological objects –yet techno-eroticism still remains a central drive. Why is technology a source of erotic thrill? A central motivation is the relationship

  • Erotic Objectification: Equally Degrading

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    In her essay “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”, Laura Mulvey discusses the subject of how female characters, through various methods, are subjected to erotic objectification, by both the characters on screen as well as the spectators within the auditorium. While Mulvey makes an excellent point in acknowledging female’s exposure in cinema, she fails to realize that male characters are just as likely to be subjected to the same kind of objectification, depending on what type of audience the motion

  • Erotic Art vs Pornography

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    Statement of Scope Are erotic art and pornography the same? Is a controversial topic. Sometimes the concept of pornography is well accepted and also can be even conceived as an artistic expression of erotic pleasure. On the other hand, it can be characterized as sinful and obscene. But the topic of whether erotic art can being categorized as pornography gets into this worldwide debate. What are the factors that can affect their distinction? The Museum of Sex located at New York has caused polemic

  • Erotic Tension in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    In Frankenstein, Shelley overtly reveals romance and erotic tension, both heterosexual and homosexual, through symbolism pertaining to eyesight, although this subsequent gaze proves the strong relation of death and sexual tensions in both human and nonhuman. The first occurrence of sexual tension in this story is between two men. Robert Walton, Victor’s “affectionate brother,” says that he “desire[s] the company of a man who could sympathize with me, whose eyes would reply to mine,” and “need[s]

  • Smut, Erotic Reality/obscene Ideology

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    Smut, Erotic Reality/Obscene Ideology In the book Smut, Erotic Reality/ Obscene Ideology , by Murray Davis (1983), the author expresses the idea that the best source for studying human sexuality objectively is "soft core", rather than “hard core” pornography. (Davis p. xix). The purpose of this paper is to critique Davis's claim and to study what understanding of human sexuality someone might have if they used some other resource that is available today, in this case the Internet.

  • An Analysis Of Daniel David Moses's 'Sovereign Erotics'

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    As a collection, Sovereign Erotics centers on the voices of indigenous, non-binary, two-spirit artists in an attempt to fill a gap in currently available works of trans, queer, and indigenous literature. "Collaboritively, the pieces of Sovereign Erotics demonstrate not only the radical diversity between and among today 's GLBTQ2 writers, but also the beauty, strength, and pride of GLBTQ2 people in the twenty-first century" (14). This collection, to simply exist, is an act of resistance against the

  • Violence as Displacement: The Erotic Gaze in Gladiator and Fight Club

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    Violence as Displacement: The Erotic Gaze in Gladiator and Fight Club On the screen, two men writhe and grapple on the cold concrete floor. One man on top, holding the other from behind in a chokehold that causes the man on the bottom to succumb to the more powerful man. The dialogue by the narrator states that, “Sometimes all you could hear were the flap, hard packing sounds over the yelling, or the wet choke when someone caught their breath and sprayed” (Fight Club). The soundtrack