Different Styles Of Leadership Styles

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After reading chapter 14 Developing Leadership Skills, I believe that you have to encompass the different styles of leadership and apply them to each situation. One leadership style will not work with every situation that comes about. Therefore you need to develop different styles of leadership depending on the industry you are in along with each situation. There is no one style fits all. When I was in the military you would encounter the Autocratic style which is the order was issued and was to be carried out, with no questions allowed and no explanations given. Being in the military that works because that decision could mean the difference of life or death depending on the situation. I try to emulate a few different leadership styles myself. One being per the University of Michigan Studies under System 4. The consultative, where I would ask for input from subordinates, however I would maintain the right to make the final decision. After all I am the one responsible for decisions, and the one that is held accountable for the decisions made. I also strive to that level under the Ma...
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