Five Personal Aspects Of Nursing Leadership

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My style of leadership according to the quiz by Cherry (n.d.) is participative leadership which is a type of leadership that engages the members of the team to participate in decision making and problem solving while the leader makes the final judgment in the deliberation process. This style of leadership allows members who are experts in their fields provide input to reach a more effective and accurate decision. This fits exactly into my leadership style. I always believed that in every aspect there is a greater or lesser person than you are, so, why not focus on the best in others and tap on their expertise in knowledge or skill to get the best results. There are several attributes of leadership for graduate level nurses. Hamric identified…show more content…
281-285) and according to Hanson, Boyle, Hatmaker, & Murray (as cited in Hamric, 2014) expert communication skills, commitment, developing one’s own style, risk taking and willingness to collaborate are 5 personal attributes of nursing leadership. Hamric (2014) explained that vision is the ability to see the end from the beginning and communicate it in a way that will motivate everyone to work on the same goals and prioritize tasks to meet deadlines. A sense of good timing is an advance skill of knowing when to act or hold back. A leader must be willing to take calculated risks backed knowledge from a fair assessment of the situation and act in confidence that no matter what happens you are…show more content…
Just like any novice APN I would tend to be more focused on the clinical domain. Coaching and educating patients and family will be important to effect change in their lifestyle to be more compliant with the treatment plan. As we all know a patient’s care is not confined to nursing care but involves the other disciplines; doctors, therapist, social worker, nursing assistant, dietician, pharmacist, etc. and thus the importance of collaboration. Advocating for patient also requires expert communications skills and collaboration. As I continue with my journey to become an Advanced Practice Nurse, I hope to develop all attributes starting with the expert communication to the level where I can advocate for my patient’s needs in the health policy arena. I would also like to work on self-confidence. I know self-confidence comes in time with knowledge and experience. I believe that patients develop trust and confidence when they see confidence of their healthcare

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