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“To look forward with acuity you must first look back with honesty.” This quote from Warren Bennis is one of the greatest philosophies by which I attempt to lead. Good leaders understand that this ability to reflect honesty on the past is critical to success in the future. In order to lead and coach a team from a position of resonance leaders must engage in a continuous journey of self-discovery. In gaining a deep understanding of themselves they are more readily able to coach and develop their teams. The process of self-discovery requires that leaders be willing to learn and adapt to both strengths and opportunities in their leadership styles. This singular skill is central to the success of any leader. In fact, it is likely the most important skill leaders need to incorporate in order to become truly remarkable. (Eikenberry, 2007, pp. 21) Over the past nine weeks I have embarked on another process of self-discovery. I have had the pleasure of speaking to a leadership coach on multiple occasions. I was able to seek insight from trusted stakeholders regarding the way I lead and coached constituents. I was even given the opportunity to provide coaching to a fellow learner. These various experience have allowed me to again take inventory of my abilities as a coach and access any relevant gaps in the way I am currently coaching in comparison with the coach I aspire to become. The following will explore the necessity of developing others, the value of coaching from a strength-based approach, the importance of good communication skills, and action items for my continued improvement as a leader/coach.

Developing Others

“The goal is to begin building leaders to take your place someday-to build leaders wh...

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...ery. I have learned things about the way I coach that have allowed for a great deal of insight. I was glad that I scored the way I did on the Coaching Process Questionnaire, I was upset with myself because I did not feel as if I adequately prepared for my coach a fellow learner session, and I was surprised at the length by which a fellow coach will go to get through to his client. Ultimately I am pleased that I was able to gain the insight that I have and I will continue to progress towards the coaching style that I aspire. In doing so I will continue to build capacity in individuals in order to ensure the readiness of the next generation of leaders. I will coach clients based a strength-based approach in order to engender a more profound sense of purpose and direction. I will do this by asking the “right” questions and listening actively to my clients.

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