Depletion Of The Ozone Layer

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Due to human activity, our planet has been slowly depleting over the years and has been recently increasing. The problems of global warming and climate change have risen due to the carelessness of the human population. Some of the problems happening to the planet is depletion of the ozone layer, the increase of endangered animals, and a decrease of natural resources. Many people fail to realize that our species is the reason this planet is dying. Increasing populations mean a higher demand for resources which will not be here forever.
Pollution begins with the emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, mostly CO2. These gasses begin to deplete the ozone layer which is the layer that is protecting the planet from the harmful sun rays. The ozone layer plays a very important role for our planet since it absorbs the majority of ultraviolet radiation that is reaching the earth from the sun. Over the years as the human population increases the ozone layer is depleting at an increasing speed. Not only do humans affect the ozone layer, but a decrease in the ozone layer also affects the human population and even animals. Not only will our ozone be torn apart, but the air we breathe could eventually be toxic. As pollution increases, it also has a tremendous effect on rainfall. The toxins in the air are consumed by clouds and combined with water which will lead to acid rain. Acid rain will not only harm humans but will also harm rivers and lakes which humans use.
A thinner ozone layer increases the chances humans and animals of getting skin cancer. With this layer filled with “holes”, the planet begins to warm up resulting in global warming and climate change. As a result, the icebergs in the North begin to melt which will ultimat...

... middle of paper ... waste being dumped into the ocean and trash is being thrown in the streets which flow down street drains and end up in the ocean as well. Our oceans end up polluted which will also affect the animals living in it.
Humans contribute to the depletion of our planet in various ways, many little things cause a chain reaction which ends up being huge drawbacks. We have serious impacts on the planet, humans fail to realize everything they do has a consequence. Whether it’s taking long showers or long drives, doing this every day for a century has slowly deteriorated the Earth. Drastic climate changes have happened before but over many centuries which gave species time to adapt to new conditions. Now it is happening faster than it 's ever had. People don’t treat the planet the way it has treated us and eventually it will be too late to be kind to it and try to restore it.
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