climate change

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Earth faces one of the most important and complicated issues ever faced, which is climate change. Climate change is the long-term change in atmospheric temperatures and climate. Although it has been denied and prolonged the issue now, it has created an even bigger problem and it has to solved and fast. The human impact over all the years of existence has changed the Earth’s climate completely. More severe storms are occurring, higher and lower temperatures than normal are reported, and some of the planet’s nonrenewable resources are slowly disappearing.

Climate Change is an ongoing problem that continues to intensify as time goes on and not much is happening to change it. Material consumption and increasing populations are increasing the issue of climate change and ruining Earth’s ecosystems. Since the Earth’s population is growing and fast, people are using more energy and materials, which raises great concern. The human ecological footprint has grown so much over the past few years that it is almost irreversible if not changed quickly. Climate change is the most important threat to the Earth and many factors lead are to blame, fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, and carbon dioxide. It would although be ignorant to say that man has nothing to do with it, as the population increases, the need for natural resources, use of more fossil fuels, more waste is produced, the is more pollution which leads to the ozone depletion causing global warming and essentially climate change overall. Since man has the ability to cause such harm to the Earth, man should change their ways to reverse the damage.

Global Warming, which is one of the climatic changes, is in the Earth’s upper atmosphere caused from the burning of fossil fuels, farming, defo...

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...nd help their planet. The climate affects everyone directly and indirectly either in heath or weather. With the weather increasing and/or decreasing it can cause extreme heat waves or extreme cold weather like the “polar vortex” that happened recently. Also climate changes can involve more brutal floods, droughts, hurricanes and tornadoes. People with asthma, heart problems, the very young and elderly can be impacted with the extreme weather changes. Also with all the factories releasing gases into the atmosphere polluting the air and being trapped are being breathed into our lungs and can cause health issues. High temperatures and sunlight combined with other pollutants cause ground level ozone, which has the potential to damage lung tissue. Since there is a “gas cloud” causing all the gases to remain in our atmosphere we can’t escape from the polluted air.
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