The Effects of Pollution in Water

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Today's waters are constantly being treated like sewage dumps or trash cans. We use them as garbage cans every day polluting the water more and more. "Pollution is often by way of rivers, drains and outflow pipes." Causing an outflow of sewage into our ocean waters. This is not only affecting the community but also the marine life and other sea creatures living in the ocean." This pollution includes human sewage and domestic waste water, factory outflows of acids and poisonous metals, engine oil from roadside drains and garages, farm chemicals washed off the land by rain, building-site rubble, nuclear waste from power plants, and oil from wells, refineries, and tankers." Stating that most of today's waste is from factory or factory ran products that shouldn't be polluting the water

With all this going into our today waters that is used so much many people can get sick off the waste put into the ocean waters. Some time the ocean can handle some waste from pollution out of the air or other forms but there should be limits on what people throw in there drains that is killing off sea life. For example oil from some ones car. Instead of taking the extra second to throw the product or waste away people feel it is right to flush it down a drain or let is fall were it fall. "More than 3 million tons of oil end up in the sea each year, the result of a variety of human activities, most of which take place on land. More than a third is waste oil from city drains - mainly from cars and from factories." Saying that it is only the human life that is polluting the waters.

By the oceans being polluted not only are animals affected humans are too. What some people don't know is that they are killing of and disturbing offspring by polluting waters. "Ocean pollution results in smaller catches of fish all over the world, either by killing fish directly, preventing them from breeding, or causing birth abnormalities. Seabirds are unable to breed and whales are poisoned. Pollution also seems to be responsible for a new disease among seals. Without even swallowed, plastic can kill seabirds, turtles, and other creatures by trapping them. People drinking water from polluted seas can become sick. Deadly infectious diseases like cholera and typhoid can break out." There are many different types of sizes of plankton everywhere in our ocean waters.

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