Denial of Human Rights in Egypt

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In the United States we enjoy religious and political freedoms that are not always practiced in other countries of the world. In fact in Egypt there is no tolerance for opposing viewpoints and diverse religious beliefs. These polarized views have often times led to violent behavior. In 2004, members of the Islamic extremists bombed the Hilton Taba hotel in Egypt which killed 34 tourists in hopes of destabilizing Egypt (Omer…). For years the Islamic extremists have been terrorizing and violating the rights of the Egyptian people, as well as innocent bystanders that have come to visit Egypt. The government granted special powers to the military leaders to try to stop these attacks on their people; but, in doing so, they have created another problem. Out of fear of this unrest, the military police have gone too far in their investigation efforts. The military police began mass arrests of the Islamic people and interrogating these possible terrorists in ways that violate their human rights. These interrogation methods often involved beatings and electroshock torture. The military did not stop with only these tactics in trying to maintain control. Most recently, the military has gone so far to remove from power or imprison elected leaders that have opposing beliefs. When a country is ruled by marshal law, the rights of the people are often lost because there is no one to hold the military accountable for their actions. The world needs to be aware that in Egypt human rights violations involving politics, religious persecution, and physical harm are being committed by the military police as well as the terrorists they are fighting.
With the widespread political unrest in Egypt, human rights are being grossly violated. The mi...

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